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Q: What are Wall Decals?
A: Wall Decals are adhesive wall “stickers” specifically made for walls and other smooth surfaces. They are made from solid color material that is cut (not printed) from a roll of vinyl material into shapes or letters. After the excess vinyl is removed, your decal is covered with transfer tape. This will allow you to peel off the back of the decal and apply the decal to the wall.

Q: Are the decals removable without damaging the wall?
A: Wall decals are completely removable, simply peel them off.  The decals use removable adhesive to prevent damage to walls upon removal. These decals are gentle enough on walls to be removed when you are ready, but strong enough to stick for a lifetime.

Q: Can I apply the decal by myself?

A: Yes.  The decal will come with Detailed instructions that walk you through installation, step by step.  There are several different opinions on what is the best way to apply a decal, but most of them can be done with one person.  The larger the decal the more difficult it can be to do alone.  It is always better to have an extra hand or two when applying, but it isn't required.

Q: Can they be used in bathrooms or other "damp" areas?
A: Yes. Wall decals are water resistant and work on many bathroom surfaces, including walls, tiles, mirrors, and even shower curtains. Just be sure that the surface is clean first, and that after application, you allow decals to form a secure bond with the surface before you steam up the bathroom (minimum 2 hours).

Q: Can I apply a decal on freshly painted walls?

A: Paint should be allowed time to fully cure before decals are applied.  If not, the paint could adhere to the decal and if you decide to remove the decal in the future, it could remove some paint with it.  We recommend to allow a newly painted surface to cure for 2 weeks before applying a decal.

Q: What is the difference between matte and gloss colors?

A: The matte finish is not shiny.  Matte will not reflect light and allow the decal to be placed in areas with a lot of natural light without any reflection.  Matte decals are often used indoors to match the finish of paints and other décor, and once applied they can look as if they were painted on.  Gloss colors have a shiny finish and can cause a glare in areas with a lot of light.  Gloss decals are more water resistant and usually last longer in wet conditions.  We recommend matte decals for indoors (walls) and gloss decals for outdoors (cars), but both finishes have their place in certain décor. It's ultimately up to you to decide the look your going for.

Q: Can I make a special/custom request for my order?
A: Yes.  We love doing custom orders!  We can slightly change a design we already have or we can create a new design totally from scratch.  These are handled via email or phone call. They are priced as per size and any added details, on a case by case basis.

Q: Can I make a change to my order after it has been placed?
A: Many times we can accommodate changes to your order after it was placed. If your order needs to be changed please contact us as soon as possible. We have a quick turnaround time on orders, so we often start on them soon after we receive the order.